The mission of the Oklahoma Retail Merchants Association is to be a strong advocate in government and assist the retail industry of the State of Oklahoma in achieving the highest levels of profitability and positive recognition.

Why Join?

Why join the only trade association in Oklahoma focused solely on your industry?

Voice Power

ORMA is dedicated to making Oklahoma one of the best places in the United States to do business. As Oklahoma's Main Streets are eroding before our eyes, there is much to be done to ensure Oklahoma is both economically and politically friendly for retailing.

Retailers benefit from ORMA's influence on the passage of positive legislation and, most importantly, we are there for you working to stop legislation that could negatively impact your business through taxes, regulations or fees. The Oklahoma Retail Merchants Association will make sure the voice of the retail industry is heard loud and clear.

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Did you know?

Did you know that as well as having a voice at the state Capitol and in Washington, DC, your ORMA membership includes regulatory support?  And that as member of ORMA you are entitled to an ever growing list of added benefits and discounts? As an ORMA member, you also receive:

  • Complimentary membership to the National Retail Federation (an over $2750 value)
  • Access to the lowest rates for workers compensation insurance
  • Discounted rates on credit card processing, including three levels of customer support
  • Social Media and Marketing Support
  • Access to an exclusive B2B support network, helping you navigate pressing business needs with peers across the state
  • and much more!
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